3 Ways to Drive Diversity & Inclusion with your ATS

Developing an effective diversity & inclusion (D&I) strategy can be a challenge. Luckily, there are a few easy and effective ways to boost D&I using your applicant tracking system (ATS). Here’s how you can create a more inclusive workforce using your ATS and recruitment software tools:
#1 – Activate Anonymised Hiring 

Anonymised hiring is a revolutionary feature of modern ATS systems. This works by removing details such as name, gender, and age from candidate profiles to reduce the risk of unconscious bias.

Unconscious recruiter bias can target any aspect of an individual – from race/ethnicity to age and gender. Removing such details from applications promotes objective screening and selection, increasing diversity in your candidates and recruits.

Your ATS can be utilised to automatically remove such details, making it easier to achieve a truly unbiased recruitment process. This is preferable to unconscious bias training, which is not only time-consuming, but achieves varied results.

#2 – Use on-demand video screening/interview tools

While mainly used for remote recruitment, ATS video screening/interview tools also bring a number of advantages to your D&I strategy.

Interview sessions can be recorded, and reviewed on-demand by a greater number of key decision makers – reducing the risk of individual bias. This allows even more stakeholders to be involved in candidate selection without the need to be present at interviews.

Virtual interviews also open up your opportunities to a more diverse range of talent, including international candidates, and those with accessibility challenges. This not only makes your hiring process more inclusive, but gives you access to even more compatible talent.

#3 – Optimise your recruitment campaigns for inclusion

By managing recruitment ad campaigns within your ATS, you can optimise advert copy/targeting for inclusivity. This includes posting job ads to a wider range of platforms, engaging with a more diverse range of talent from all backgrounds/sectors.

You can also optimise your recruitment ads to avoid features like exclusive language (waitress, repairman, graduate, experienced) which limits the audience of your opportunities.

Why is Diversity and Inclusion important?

Diversity & Inclusion has become an integral part of HR strategy. Here’s why D&I is so important to your business and its employees:

It drives productivity & innovation

A diverse workforce brings with it a more diverse range of talent, experiences, and ideas. This helps to drive increased productivity and innovation within your workforce, promoting collaboration between employees from a variety of backgrounds.

It improves your employer brand reputation

Promoting your diverse values helps to boost your employer brand reputation within the job market, attracting even more diverse talent to your business.

If candidates from diverse backgrounds recognise you as an inclusive employer, they will be more likely to pursue your career opportunities. This gives you reach over even more of the best talent in your sector, making it easier to fill vacancies with compatible candidates.

It helps to secure equity in the job market

Diversifying your workforce creates more opportunities for candidates from diverse backgrounds, promoting an equal job market.

This gives even more talented professionals the opportunity to thrive in their careers, securing a more inclusive future for business.

In Summary

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) is an important part of your hiring strategy. It can, however, be a challenge to achieve.

Luckily, your ATS can be utilised to drive a more diverse range of talent to your business, using built-in features to promote inclusive hiring. This includes:

  • Anonymised candidate profiles
  • On-demand video interviews to involve more key decision-makers
  • Optimising your recruitment advertising for inclusivity

Consider these features when choosing the right ATS for your company; ensure your recruitment software can be utilised to drive diversity. This makes it easier to achieve an inclusive future for your business, giving you access to even more of the best talent in your sector.



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