5 ATS Innovations You Didn’t Realise Were Possible

Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) innovations are becoming more and more intuitive, making day-to-day work easier for employers and recruitment teams. Here we explore five ATS innovations you didn’t realise were actually possible:
#1 – Automated candidate progression stages

Wouldn’t it be great if your strongest candidates were automatically highlighted and engaged? Good news – ATS software can now facilitate automated candidate progression, moving candidates to the next stage of hiring based on individual application scorecards.

These can be based on answers to crucial questions in application forms, as well as individual skills, qualities, and experiences. This makes it easier for employers to identify their most compatible candidates early on, and secure the best new talent for their business.

#2 – Completely remote hiring

As remote working becomes more popular worldwide, it has become crucial for recruiters to facilitate some form of virtual hiring. Applicant tracking software makes this easy – providing a range of remote hiring and onboarding tools for recruiters.

These include:

  • On-demand video screening
  • Video interviewing software
  • Remote onboarding tools

This enables employers to attract a wider range of talent, overcoming geographical/accessibility challenges. These innovations provide all the benefits of face-to-face recruitment, without any of the added challenges.

#3 – Integrated careers pages

A careers page provides candidates with a one-stop-shop for all of your brand’s opportunities. Innovations in recruitment tech mean that these can now be included within your ATS, centralising your application process, while promoting your employer brand to candidates.

There’s no longer any need to work tirelessly on designing, building, and hosting your own careers website – some ATS systems now provide this service for you!

#4 – Automated updates & onboarding comms

It’s important to keep candidates in the loop throughout the hiring process. However, this can be an incredibly time-consuming task for your recruitment team.

Automated communication tools are one of the best innovations present in recruitment software solutions. This allows you to keep in touch with each and every candidate, even in the largest of hiring campaigns – without the need to spend hours communicating individually.

This not only ensures candidates are met with a positive, transparent hiring journey, but it also helps to boost the reputation of your employer brand. There’s no longer any danger of candidates slipping through the net, becoming disengaged, and abandoning their applications as a result.

#5 – Advertising management for social media & job boards

A strong advertising strategy is essential for attracting the most compatible talent to your business. ATS innovations allow employers to create, manage, and optimise campaigns within their hiring platform – saving time, cutting costs, and ensuring maximum reach.

Online advertising is the most influential engagement tool of the last century; campaign management innovations ensure you’ll never miss out on the best advertising opportunities.

This ATS feature allows your team to review the success of campaigns from one centralised platform, optimising these for cost-efficiency and maximum engagement.

In summary;

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are becoming increasingly advanced. The latest innovations make it easier than ever for employers to attract, manage, and hire candidates using their in-house team.

Here are 5 ATS integrations you didn’t realise were possible:

  • Automated progression of your strongest applicants
  • Completely remote hiring
  • Integrated careers pages
  • Automated candidate updates & onboarding comms
  • Advertising campaign management

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