From Bystander to Ally: How to Increase Your Women in Tech Hiring

A globally renowned talent acquisition leader, Ben joined AstraZeneca as UK Talent Acquisition Lead for IT, Data & Digital in 2019, following a decade long career in the technology recruitment world. A pioneer within the diversity & inclusion space, Ben has forged a strong reputation of hosting events and initiatives internally and externally at driving the importance and awareness around women in tech agendas.

At our Tech Talent Conference, Ben talked us through his approach to increasing women in tech at AstraZeneca.

Topics Discussed;

  • My D&I journey, from Bystander to Ally
  • Creation of the AstraZeneca Women in Tech Series
  • How to showcase diverse talent
  • Helping to shape and transform the women in tech narrative
  • Hiring benefits of showcasing women in tech talent
Who Spoke

Ben Ventham

Talent Acquisition Global Team Lead
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