The Ultimate Guide to Proactive Sourcing

Proactive sourcing can be a powerful new tool in your recruitment kit, but an effective strategy takes a fresh perspective.

Your recruiters are pros at traditional direct sourcing, and the work they do is essential. Proactive sourcing doesn’t replace that work. It’s an extra string to your TA bow, helping you to unlock the critical talent that your traditional strategies are struggling to reach.

A strong proactive sourcing strategy relies on internal and external research to build an informed, skills led approach to talent acquisition. When you invest in it, you’re investing in your future.

Caraffi’s handy guide to proactive sourcing will help you overcome the barriers and understand the steps you need to take to build a strategy that shines. Download the guide to understand more on:

  • When proactive sourcing is the right strategy to use
  • Who should own proactive sourcing in your organisation
  • What elements make up a proactive sourcing strategy
  • How to engage the talent pools in your CRM
  • How to measure the success of your strategy

Caraffi equips TA Leaders with the data and insights to become more strategic and impactful and designs TA strategies that transform businesses into data-driven, purpose-led and inclusive employers of choice. Whether you’re new in role or in the midst of a transformation, Caraffi aims to elevate your capability, impact and reputation within your business and beyond.

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