Quick-Fire Chats with SAP: Employer Branding Success Stories

After winning more than 280 employer awards last year, including Best Employer Brand at the very prestigious In-house Recruitment Awards, SAP will share their colossal success with us at the 2018 In-house Recruitment Employer Branding Conference.

Heather Walker, Global Employer Brand Campaign Manager, and Adam Raelson, Global Employer Brand Consultant, will showcase how their team completely revamped SAP’s EVP and incorporated cutting-edge tech and gamification in the process to highlight their brand and culture. We asked Heather and Adam a few things about what we can expect to learn from their talk on 21st June.

What are you most looking forward to sharing with us at the In-house Recruitment Employer Branding Conference? What are the key takeaways going to be from your presentation?

We’ll be sharing how SAP built an in-house team of experts that went on to win In-house recruitment awards. These include our EVP, Facebook apps, games and removing unconscious bias from our application process.

How important is your Employer Brand in attracting top talent?

Our employer brand is integral to attracting and engaging top talent as we compete against well-known brands such as Google and Facebook. Being a B2B brand our employer brand is usually the first touchpoint our graduate and early talent audience have with us.

Without giving too much away, what are some of the tactics you use to keep your employees engaged with your brand?

This varies on a local level, but our EVP campaign profiles real employees and there is never a shortage of people that want to share their stories. Find out more about the people behind SAP right here.

If you had one top tip to give the industry from your experience working in Employer Branding, what would it be?

Always be real and authentic. If what you say to the external audience is not rooted in the truth then it will quickly become undone and you will never be able to encourage employees to become ambassadors.

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