When Chris Skinner was brought on board to oversee the development of IQVIA’s global employee value proposition in September 2017, he was tasked with the challenge of merging two legacy employer brands into one. IQVIA had just come to life a year before, as a merger of Quintiles and IMS Health, two driving forces in the healthcare market with two very well-established internal cultures.

Within a global organisation of over 60,000 employees and an internal branding team of only 2, Chris knew IQVIA’s EVP could only stem from partnering with the wider business, to understand what its employees stood for and what they do to make IQVIA unique.

At our upcoming Employer Branding Conference on 19th June, Chris will share the story of “Brave Minds”, IQVIA’s global EVP and his journey in bringing it to life. Below, Chris sat down with us for a quick chat to explain the context of his talk and share some insights into what we can expect to learn from him on the day.


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