Matt Gupwell

Neurodiversity Awareness Consultant, Think Neurodiversity


Keynote speaker and Neurodiversity consultant Matt Gupwell is a rare breed. An enigmatic speaker, expert communicator and respected Neurodiversity awareness consultant and advocate.

For 15 years Matt has immersed himself in studying, advocating for and supporting Neurodivergent people of all ages. He combines storytelling and anecdotes from his own experiences of living undiagnosed with 3 conditions with the latest research and the shared experiences of the hundreds of people he’s helped.

Matt’s background as a professional entertainer before becoming a consultant is what makes him so powerful as your next keynote speaker. Having delivered training and spoken in front of more than 80,000 people, both in person and online, Matt has a reputation for his enigmatic personality, his ability to weave humour and lightness into the hardest of topics and his ability to make the most complex of topics easy to understand.

He’s a respected voice in the Neurodiversity world and has delivered consultancy and training to clients including the UK Government, NHS, L’Oréal, major sporting organisations and start up tech companies.

Matt’s mission is to educate, inspire and to encourage everyone to take positive action to support Neurodivergent people at all times


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