Fiona Whitworth

Digital Content Manager, British Army


Fiona has worked in Army Recruiting for 8 years, and content for a lot longer. She is responsible for the content strategy, production and tone of voice of the Army Recruiting’s below the line marketing materials. With a wide range of mediums within her remit including physical magazines, the website, and apps, she is passionate about joining the dots across different platforms, making a consistently high-quality journey for candidates and those interested in pursuing an Army career.


IHR Live London 2021

Creating Unique Content for Army Recruits – Identifying Motivators and Barriers 

The Army Content Hub, a research-based engagement platform, houses content tailored to addressing would-be candidates’ motivators and barriers to applying. For most people there is a significant consideration period, when thinking about applying for the Army – as it’s much more than your average 9-5. It’s a different home, lifestyle as well as job. 

This session will cover;

  • Creating and showcasing content to see the many different aspects of the Army
  • Moving away from the combat-focused image that The Army is associated with
  • Creating a platform rich in content variety for different audience members 
  • Allowing the candidates to explore, while maintaining a balance of user and business requirements