Saskia Cochrane

Attraction Lead


As Wiser’s Attraction Lead, I’m responsible for matching our client’s needs with ‘ignore the ordinary’ methods of attraction for their graduate, placement, internship, spring week and apprenticeship hiring. Our team manages Wiser’s three campus ambassador programmes (Wiser Academy, Academy X & Wiser Futures), campus (or virtual, if that’s still your thing!) events, university partnerships, careers service relationships, job board, social channel and paid spend management plus our keep-warm retention community – The Nest.

I first joined Wiser back in 2018 to set up what is now our most famous Attraction method – the Wiser Academy, our team of campus ambassadors. They are full-time students, studying a range of degrees across over sixty universities in the UK and Ireland. Their purpose is to help companies reach a broader network of students from different subjects and backgrounds, to help make real progress in diversifying their workforce – starting with their early careers intake.

The students in the Academy are natural networkers, both on campus and virtually. When it comes to authentic peer-to-peer promotion, they have unprecedented access to societies and course communities. They are trained to headhunt students, and equip them with the knowledge and confidence to apply for companies they have never before considered – through tailored recommendations.


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