Webinar Replay: How to Maximise Social Mobility at Early Career Level

It’s unnecessary to miss out on excellent graduates due to the issue of social mobility. Many graduates from lower-income backgrounds are less likely to relocate, but through excellent employer branding this barrier can be overcome.

Re-watch our illuminating webinar on how to maximise success at early career level.  Our speaker Chris Rea shares how to implement the best industry practise to propel social mobility in early career development. Ensure equal opportunities to all applicants and reach out to graduates from a diverse range of backgrounds to enhance your business’s success.

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Prospects are the experts in graduate careers. They help to guide students and graduates to a bright future with unrivalled information, advice and opportunities. Working at the heart of the higher education (HE) sector for more than 40 years, they provide a market-leading portfolio of graduate career and postgraduate study recruitment options and work in close partnership with HE and further education (FE) professional bodies and government to deliver unique services that benefit the sector as a whole.

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