From the Inside Out: How to Showcase Internal Initiatives to Bolster Your Employer Brand

An established employer brand is pivotal to any organisations overall marketing strategy. But sometimes, this goes beyond just upkeeping a positive image in the community. To maximise an employer branding strategy, businesses need to consider showcasing their internal initiatives to boost the company’s overall identity.

At our Employer Branding Virtual Conference, we were joined by Tom Pattison, a Senior Employer Brand Specialist at For the past six years, Tom has been working with some of the world’s largest brands to develop their employer brand and cultural strategies. He’s now supporting’s mission to build the connected finance businesses deserve by helping attract, retain and empower the best talent for the business.

Topics Covered
  • How to connect internal and external comms to improve the impact
  • How to flex content to best suit different social media channels
  • How to showcase content generated by internal employee resource groups
  • …and much more!
Who Spoke

Tom Pattison

Senior Employer Brand Specialist
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