Challenges, Curve Balls and Celebration – Our Employer Brand Journey

An established employer brand is needed for every business to properly communicate their company’s identity to consumers as well as potential candidates. But employer branding is such a broad topic, and with so many varying aspects and constant curveballs, it can be hard to navigate through them successfully. To ensure an employer brand is properly built, the stories of other brand’s trials and tribulations always help!

Emma Neary, Head of Talent Acquisition & Employer Brand at Moneysupermarket Group, joined us at our Employer Branding Virtual Conference and shared her stories of the challenges, curveballs and celebrations of building the company’s identity. Emma has a known passion for her work, with her first project in the industry at Shop Direct eight years ago. In 2019, she completed her certificate in Employer Branding Leadership through the Employer Branding College and in 2020 developed and launched the campaign for Moneysupermaket Group.

Topics Discussed
  • An overview of the Moneysupermarket employer brand
  • Her approach to landing a successful employer brand
  • Sharing how she managed some very unexpected curve balls
Who Spoke

Emma Neary

Head of Talent Acquisition & Employer Brand
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