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Employer branding has always been a hot topic amongst businesses. It’s a way for a company to communicate its identity to consumers, potential candidates and their current team members. But sometimes, the traditional way of going about an employer branding strategy may not be effective in your business. Honest Burgers have adapted their approach to suit their culture, and we can tell you it’s very impressive!

At our Employer Branding Virtual Conference, we were joined by Oli Cavaliero. Oli is a firm believer that Honest is a community, not just a place to work. He brings this way of life to their people, peers and customers through brilliant storytelling. He has a special way of articulating the Honest life, highlighting the magic and always seeking creative and different ways to root his message in its impact on a person, their teams, or the wider community.

Topics Discussed
  • How Honest Burgers have been building their onboarding journey with instant chatbots
  • Re-building their employment contracts to protect their teammates, meaningful perks and a handbook that they are proud of
  • How they created a culture of transparency, autonomy, and ownership – empowering their restaurants in their anti-chain vision
Who Spoke

Oli Cavaliero

Head of Employer Brand
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