Avoiding an IR35 Talent Drain: Contractor Insights

From April 2021, the responsibility for determining a contractor’s IR35 status is shifting up the supply chain from the contractor to the end hirer that engages them. The hirer must provide the contractor with an outcome and a Status Determination Statement (SDS) explaining the decisions that led to that outcome. In this video, we listen in on Paul Lloyd and Matt Fryer of Brookson Legal discuss the latest results of their UK Contractors survey.

In 2019 Brookson Legal conducted an insights report; “Avoiding an IR35 Talent Drain”. This report showed the findings of hundreds of UK contractors that were surveyed to understand their opinions on how prepared Private Sector businesses were for the upcoming IR35 changes. The key themes from the 2019 report found only 3% of contractors believed that end hirers would take the necessary action to implement correct IR35 policies and 80% would be more likely to find work with other businesses who have implemented these changes. The message from contractors was clear – businesses needed to educate themselves on IR35 and correctly prepare for the change, or risk seeing a loss of talent across their flexible workforce.

With a 12-month delay, Brookson wanted to understand if hirers were now doing enough to prepare for the upcoming changes after listening to contractors’ feedback and, if in turn, contractors felt more confident about their hirer determining their IR35 status. In August 2020 we conducted a second survey with 907 UK contractors to learn whether end hirers have shifted the opinions voiced in 2019.

Take a watch of the full video above or watch some of the other highlights videos for how to best prepare for IR35 in April 2021!


Brookson Legal is an SRA regulated law firm that provides a range of IR35 solutions to the flexible working supply chain.

Part of the Brookson Group, they have been supporting hirers, agencies and contractors with IR35 for over 20 years, carrying out thousands of employment status assessments each year.


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