Lead Generation Survey

A research campaign gathering data, insights & leads on a specific topic relevant to your business. Learn about the key challenges our community face and engage with our members to provide a solution.

Features and Benefits

Gain Industry Insights

Gain valuable insights into what our community’s priorities are in the short, mid and long term helping you to identify opportunities with the right people at the right time.

Lead Generation

We’ll guarantee a minimum number of survey completions.

Bespoke Survey Theme

We’ll create a survey theme that compliments your products and services to help gain insights and maximise lead generation opportunities.

Dedicated Marketing Campaign

Target our community of 20,000+ via social media, digital and email channels.

Research Report

Receive a short summary report at the end of the campaign which has an overview of the insights collated.

Bolster your content

Use this unique data for your own resources and value add to your clients.

Sole Partner Benefits

Benefit from being the only partner and keep all prospects, leads, branding and kudos for yourself.

High Value Data

In addition to stats and analytics, you will also receive specific insights & data from the targeted questions in the survey.

What’s Included

  • We will run a series of questions on a specific topic to help gather trends and insights for you to create several touchpoints with your target audience
  • The survey will be promoted to our community of 20,000+ via social media, digital and email channels
  • We will work with you to create 10- 15 questions for the survey
  • We will share final data and insights in a brief summary report as well as in excel
  • You will be tagged on promotion of the survey and will have branding where applicable
  • Survey to be hosted on IHR website and will be shown on our members dashboard online


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