How to Refine and Implement Employer Brand Across the Employee Journey

From job advert through to exit interview, a clear and consistent employer brand offers countless benefits – to individuals, to teams and to business growth.

Whilst the term employer brand gets used a lot, do the important people in your business really understand what it means? Does your organisation’s employer brand show up all the way through your employees’ journey with you? Do you know your EVP from your talent brand? Does your EVP model appeal to the head and the heart?In this video Paul Ainley, from Chatter Communications, breaks down how he and his team help clients to refine and implement their employer brand across the employee journey.Find out how Asda, Five Guys, TalkTalk and ITV use insight and a strong employer brand to help them to effectively meet specific business needs.  Watch the video to find out more.


As one of the UK’s most experienced employer branding experts, we build incredible insight into the way businesses engage their talent. We take on every people challenge with care, passion and skill. And we deliver the very best client experience in the industry.

We call it making people matter.

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