Interactive Workbook: Building Your DEI Transformation Plan

Bringing in a diverse workforce and helping to build an equitable and inclusive culture in your organisation is becoming increasingly important.

Not only is it the right thing to do, but it’s also a key step in positioning TA as a strategic driver of your business. We’re seeing a trend that sees CEO performance being reviewed against DE&I targets, which means that TA Leaders can deliver big impact by creating and executing a transformation project in this area.

Our partners at Caraffi have created an interactive workbook that has been developed to help you create a DE&I transformation plan for TA that delivers real impact on your business, and gets you noticed by the Board. The 4-step framework will help you create a transformation plan that’s completely tailored to your organisation’s future ambitions, as well as the current state of your DE&I practices.

Plus, members of the IHR community can get exclusive access to a DE&I validation session, where you can test your transformation plan with their team of DE&I experts before you take it to your stakeholders. 

Download this interactive workbook now to start thinking about:

  • Your organisation’s DE&I ambitions
  • What good looks like for your sector, locations and skillsets
  • What your current DE&I performance looks like
  • The key transformation programmes you can undertake to move the DE&I dial in your organisation
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