Live Exhibition Case Study

Why did you choose to exhibit at London Live with a Partner stand?

We had heard about IHR for a time, so after looking online we had an internal discussion and decided it was the target audience we were looking to attract. We chose London because we are trying to break into the England and Wales space in recruitment, and we have some clients in London too, so it made sense for us to Partner at London Live.

“We Partnered at London Live 2023 for the first time and knew it was a “test” event – we found that it’s the place to be for us and definitely the right audience, so that’s why we’ve rebooked for Birmingham Live 2024!”

Taja Strle, Marketing Coordinator

What was your expectation of the event?

We were fairly new to exhibitions so we were unsure of what to expect – but I enjoyed London Live more than other exhibitions that we’ve attended. I thought it was organised really well, without any hiccups, and the support we had was very good. We worked really well with our Account Manager, Tom, who felt like a dedicated contact throughout the process. It was bigger and better than other exhibitions and the vibe
was really fun!

What were the results and highlights?

I was really impressed with the extra detail, including the IHR app, it created more engagement and led people to different stands throughout the day. We loved the venue, usually it’s a giant exhibition centre in the middle of nowhere but the Business Design Centre was really beautiful. We had no expectations for leads as a first event but we got what we expected and were pleased with the results!