Conference Case Study

What was the specific challenge you were looking to solve?

Haystack is growing fast. As we continue to scale and grow as a company, we’re looking to expand our network within the talent acquisition community throughout the rest of the UK. We’ve always loved the idea of sharing our thought leadership resources through in-person & online events and we were looking for a partner to help us amplify this. This was primarily the reason we reached out to IHR.

What was the recommended solution?

IHR brought to our attention a wide variety of events, webinars and conferences that they specialise in and the different tiers of packages available. To meet our goals of building brand awareness and creating new relationships in the talent community, the recommended solution was to initially host a joint webinar and to speak at the London IHR Tech Hiring Conference.

What were the results and highlights?

Our expectations were exceeded even after the first event with IHR. Some of our key customers found us directly through IHR and we’ve continued to build relationships with the connections we made as the events. The highlight for us was the exposure that we received from both of these events, as well as the efficiency of the team to make it a smooth and end-to-end process.