Live Exhibition Case Study

What was the specific challenge you were looking to solve?

Our biggest goal across the past 2 years has been to increase our brand recognition and presence in the UK. The best way to do this has been through having face-to-face conversations with our target audience, so attending IHR Events has played a crucial role in achieving this.

“For us, it’s a definite that we must continue exhibiting
at the regional Live events because of the really good
ROI’s we’ve had at Bristol and Manchester!”

Lauren Tait, UK TA Lead

What was the recommended solution?

We were recommended to exhibit at IHR’s Live events and we opted for Gold Partnership packages at Bristol, London and Manchester. Our speaking slot at Live Bristol was amazing – we had such great attendance, with all seats full and people standing. We found that the more intimate, regional events have really enabled us to have meaningful conversations with clients and prospects. We’re keen to continue exhibiting at Live events in the future as we know it works!

What were the results and highlights?

We have signed 4 fantastic clients off the back of exhibiting at IHR Live events which has shown just how instrumental IHR have been in helping us achieve our goal of improving brand recognition in the UK market.