Lead Generation


A dedicated campaign designed to promote your content to relevant members of our community resulting in high quality lead generation

What’s Included

  • Your content promoted to our relevant audience until a minimum of 50 downloads are completed
  • Receive leads in real time
  • Landing page created and hosted by IHR
  • Your content included in monthly newsletters, member area, social channels and at in-person events
  • Typical content length is one month
  • Content can be eBooks, Whitepapers, Videos, On demand webinars and more

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Features and Benefits

  • Lead generation: We’ll guarantee a minimum of 50+ content downloads

  • Sole partner benefits: Benefit from being the only partner and keep all prospects, leads, branding and kudos for yourself

  • Dedicated campaign: We’ll target our community of 20,000+ via social media, digital and email channels

  • Custom data: Include specifics relating to number of employees, annual hires, current tech and more