Breakfast Case Study

How was your experience working with IHR?

The team were so great. They briefed us well about what to expect, and then also very supportive when, in typical Caraffi style, we asked to “rip up the rule book” and do something completely different. Tash was brilliant at helping us find the tools and structure that could help us make the event as engaging as possible, and the whole event felt like a really collaborative effort which wouldn’t have been as good as it was without their expertise.

Were you pleased with the outcome and results?

So pleased! We really wanted to launch one of our key mission-driven campaigns at this event – to create a platform for the creation of performance benchmarks for TA. The room was brilliant and gave us so many builds on our project, and we definitely had a few “eureka” moments too. The online engagement post-event was through the roof and we’ve really got the sector talking about something we feel is just SO important. We had 23 people in attendance, which seeing as it was the same day as a massive storm felt like an impressive turnout – and 16 people told us they wanted to hear more from us. A real testament to the engagement of the IHR community!

16 Leads | 5 Star Event