Content Promotion & Lead Generation Case Study

What was the specific challenge you were looking to solve?

WORK180 helps organisations build and benefit from a truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. As part of these efforts, we share a wide range of tools, data and insights that teams can use to learn more and have a real impact in this space.

We wanted to ensure the reports reached more professionals and organisations in need of support in this space. Having worked with IHR to promote our HR Handbook to Hiring Women, we were already aware and confident in their ability to help us do just that.

How was your experience working with IHR?

With IHR, the trust is established from the start as they’re committed to only promoting high quality content they believe will be of value to their audience. They also provide clear and transparent communication all the way through the process, and create a real sense of a shared goal; to make sure your content is delivered to IHR community members who will value it the most. This means connecting us with an engaged audience who we can provide further support to.

Were you pleased with the outcome and results?

Yes, we worked together to establish a number of contacts we’d like the report to reach and IHR achieved it within the agreed six weeks. This was the second time they managed to over-deliver on the agreed number of contacts in a short period of time.