Live Exhibition Case Study

What was the specific challenge you were looking to solve?

We were looking to raise brand awareness and ultimately sell our employer branding courses. Our biggest challenge was getting the word out there about our services – we were hoping to gain engagement from the IHR event, specifically from people qualified to buy, with the right background, and have good conversations with them.

“It was great fun, we came away with a real buzz – there’s nothing like meeting your potential customers face-to-face, it beats any kind of social media interaction!”

David Thompson – Director

What was the recommended solution?

We had a Partner stand at Live Bristol to meet potential new leads, we offered prizes on our stand as well as some courses – but we found that actually people were coming over naturally to our stand to learn and engage with us and the attendees were curious with how we could help them. The layout was great, with a good circulation of people and the attendees were exactly our ideal target customer, with a good mix of seniority. We felt the event was run really well and the footfall was great.

What were the results and highlights?

The quality of conversations were excellent in terms of level of seniority and size of organisations. We came away with 25 really good leads and 3 or 4 really hot leads. The support and organisation from IHR was impeccable throughout, from helping us set up our stand and helping us pack up at the end.