Vicki Saunders

Founder – The EVP Consultancy (ex Currys, BAE systems and Boots)


Vicki is the Founder of ‘The EVP Consultancy’. She is an expert in EVP, Culture and Employer Brand having led the EVP & Employer Brand teams at Boots, BAE Systems and Currys, leading each business to step change their talent attraction and drive positive change in their culture. Before landing in Employer Branding, Vicki built her career as an award-winning marketeer in Consumer Marketing, Brand and Customer proposition, leading the biggest advertising campaigns at Boots. The EVP Consultancy offers bespoke EVP development and activation support, tailored to the strategic goals and culture of each client organisation. This can be delivered by “helicoptering in” to an organisation, or by training and mentoring HR professionals to deliver these projects in-house.


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