Miles Skelton

Founder, MVMNT


I am a people-driven business strategist with 25 years’ experience as a high impact leader of organisations across media, tech and digital – most recently working with companies to help improve their culture, inclusion & brand experience.

I founded MVMNT to help organisations of all sizes build inclusive cultures, workplaces and brands & I love helping transform businesses by defining strategy through positive questioning & conversation.

Are you one of the many that are aware of the benefits of increasing inclusion, belonging & diversity within your organisation but are unsure of where to start?

Have you had times in your life where you’ve had amazing working culture but can’t quite put your finger on when or why it goes wrong – or how to change your culture to dovetail with a new strategy?

Are you being constantly told that you need to enhance your brand through your employee experience (EX), employee value proposition (EVP) and Employer Brand – but similarly unconvinced of the impact it’s likely to have?

As business leaders in this new world, we’re acutely aware of how important our people are to our ongoing success but trying to serve them alongside the other needs of our business can be a real minefield.

Some are having to change, pivot and adapt due to economic pressure whilst others are wishing to make the journey from start-up to scale-up incredibly quickly – all whilst we and our people adapt to a new way of working.

At MVMNT, we look to make it as easy as possible for organisations to create inclusive cultures, enrich their employee experience and navigate through strategy change – using their people for inspiration & direction and an intelligence-based methodology. This ensures that any initiatives or action plans put in place have maximum impact.

This will
– Increase productivity in your organisation
– Make you more creative from having different perspectives
– Create a sense of belonging and shared purpose leading to higher performance
– Help you keep your best people and make you a magnet for new, diverse talent
– Ultimately, make you more profit

We can help you look after the people you’ve already got and be more attractive to those you want.

Please leave me a message on Linkedin if you would like to discuss culture/inclusion strategies, EVP or Employer Brand.