Amelia Sordell

Speaker, Founder at Klowt


Amelia is the founder of Klowt, the personal branding agency. Amelia began her career in marketing as a Recruitment Marketing Specialist, where she quickly discovered the reach and power that an individual personal brand can have on the overall Company and Employer brand.

Since launching Klowt, Amelia has worked with Tech Startup Founders to FTSE Leadership teams on building personal brands that deliver actual results. With a strong following on LinkedIn, Amelia successfully took Klowt from launch to oversubscribed in 4 weeks all off the back of her own personal brand.


IHR Live London 2021, Speaker 

How to use your employees’ brands to win candidate trust and attention 

  • Building your personal brand sounds, well personal. But the power of personal branding is not just beneficial for individuals
  • Your employees have 10x the reach of your company brand because people spread messages in a way that traditional marketing simply can’t
  • In this talk,  Amelia will walk through the power of personal branding at scale and how to roll it out as an employer branding strategy for your business