We hate that people hate their jobs. And we believe people end up in jobs they hate because recruiting is broken.

Tom Hacquoil saw this first-hand when he was part of a fast-growing enterprise company, and again when he started a coding bootcamp that placed graduates into local tech roles.

Through all this hiring, he saw bad recruitment technology creating bad behaviors. Candidates forced to re-type their resumes. Applicants who had no idea if they’d been rejected. Interviewers who asked the same question the last three interviewers asked.

Recruiters who wanted to provide a better candidate experience had to fight against clunky, outdated tools.

So Tom set out to build a better ATS with the help of his two friends Bill Rogers and Tom Luce. And Pinpoint was born.

Since then, we’re proud of the impact we’ve made by supporting companies that design clothes, package food, produce TV shows, and research cancer.

Our mission today is the same as it’s always been. To help the right company pinpoint the right person, who will end up loving their job.