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The learning destination for talent acquisition

The learning destination for talent acquisition

Want to progress and excel your TA career? Here, you’ll find everything you need. 


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Available Online Courses

Whether you’re starting out in your career and want to improve efficiencies, a manager looking to be a Leader, or a Leader looking for that next step, you’ll find courses that will help you level up your approach to all areas of TA.


How to create a DE&I plan for TA

Bringing in a diverse workforce and helping to build an equitable and inclusive culture in your organisation is becoming increasingly important.

Not only is it the right thing to do, but it’s also a key step in positioning TA as a strategic driver of your business.


Create and activate your EVP and employer brand identity

Your EVP forms the foundation of your talent experience, this course will teach you how to build and activate an EVP and employer brand identity that positions your organisation as a destination employer for the talent you need.


Learn to love your ATS

Understand how to make your ATS work for you by configuring it to support your process and give you the data you need.

Learn the best practice approaches to system configuration and ongoing system management that will ensure you learn to love your TA systems.


Turn TA from a tactical function to a strategic business driver

Want your business to see TA as a strategic driver and not a tactical vacancy fulfillment team? It may sound obvious, but to be seen as strategic you have to write a strategy.

This course will help you transition your mindset, away from tactical role filling, and help you start thinking strategically about the role TA can play in the future of your business.


Structuring TA: Drawing your operating model and org chart

Your key job as a TA leader is to ensure you have the right people in the right jobs to allow your function to operate at peak performance.

This course will help you to understand the key jobs your TA function need to fulfill, and how to best structure your teams to get the best results.

Measuring your TA team’s performance and capability

Ensure your team is set up for success, and measured in the right way – aligning everyone to a common goal.

Understand the key metrics you need to measure TA performance by – looking at accuracy, pace and most importantly, impact on your business.


How to manage business change

Transforming talent acquisition will always mean undergoing change. But change is hard – we all tend to resist it.

This course will help you structure your approach to managing this change in your organisation.


How to communicate your TA strategy

Writing an amazing TA strategy is only half the battle. You need to get your key stakeholders bought into your strategy so it gets sign off and investment.

This course will guide you through the best way to structure your TA strategy for your board and CEO. Helping you pick out the key points that position you as a strategic leader.


How to be an effective coach for your team

Use the GROW coaching model to get the best out of your team and coach them towards their career goals. This course also offers a self-assessment section that allows you to coach yourself towards your own goals.

Tools and Templates

Tools and Templates

With our comprehensive tools and templates library, you can kickstart your TA projects with best practice guidance. No more looking at a blank page and wondering where to start!

  • Website accessibility diagnostic tool

  • Measure the success of passive attraction

  • Channel strategy ROI calculator

  • ATS requirements checklist

  • Create your next graduate recruitment strategy

  • The ultimate guide to proactive sourcing strategies