About Horsefly

Horsefly provides accurate labor market data to drive your competitive advantage on time/cost to hire, workforce planning & strategic business decisions. Horsefly gathers labor market intelligence from around the globe to quickly paint a real-time picture of the talent market. Accurately benchmark gender gaps, understand supply & demand, and find hidden talent pools for any position or skill set your business needs. With access to data from thousands of sources, our platform makes it easy to identify specific skill sets, hire diverse talent, and increase employee engagement. Our labor market analytics empowers your business to forecast budgets, benchmark diversity against the talent pool, monitor the latest hiring trends, see where your competitors are hiring, plan career paths, improve your strategic planning and more. It can be hard to stay on top of labor market trends, but with our expert analysis and easy-to-read format, we cut through the noise to focus on what matters most to you and your business. Start your journey today with Horsefly.