Driving Diversity Through Recruitment Innovation

On Demand Webinar

Organisations are showing more commitment than ever to diversity with an increasing number of trailblazing innovations aimed at levelling the playing field and encouraging an inclusive approach to attracting, recruiting and developing talent.

In this webinar we were joined by a panel of individuals who are leading the way with diversity initiatives designed to deliver lasting change.

Topics Discussed
  • The key learnings from the last 12 months and how this has helped organisations re-shape their approach to attracting and recruiting diverse talent
  • Innovative changes global businesses are making to promote inclusivity
  • How the switch to virtual can help level the playing field for all candidates
  • Learning and practical examples from businesses who are at different stages on their DE&I journey
  • …and much more!
Who Spoke

Lucy Hegarty

Global Head of Early Talent Recruitment

Esther Odejimi-Uzokwe

Programme Director

Richard Waite

Head of Resourcing & Global Mobility

Nicky Garcea

Event Partner

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