Leader Test: The Perfect Way to Follow Up After an Event

Attending an event is a great way to connect with your audience and learn more about your industry. No matter your involvement level at the event, headline partner of a huge conference to roundtable host at an exclusive event to post-event drinks sponsor at an exhibition, you will want to make the most out of your opportunity.

We aim to provide you with resources to prepare you for your next event both face to face and virtual. You’ve had great conversations so what do you do now? Having a calculated follow-up strategy is crucial to ensure that these new connections reach their full potential. In this guide, we’ll share the top tips that will enhance your post-event follow up strategy.

Organise New Contacts and Potential Leads

Being organised is key when keeping track of stand visitors. Clearly list names, company, and job title – all the specific information that you chose to gather at this event. Also, keep a note on the team member that conducted the chat as they should be the person to reach out, and continue that relationship. Be sure to not duplicate and do write personal notes about each conversation ensuring that nothing is forgotten. These events move fast and if you’re just depending on your memory, you could forget something that would make a great personalised intro.

Segment Leads Based on Urgency or ‘Hot Leads’ and ‘Cold Leads’

The “hot leads” are those who want to work with you right now and have shown a lot of interest. The cold leads, well, those are the event attendees who have not expressed interest yet but may do so later. Keep in mind, an attendee can start as a “cold lead” but they did go to that particular event so they clearly do have an interest in the topic and could be relevant to your business. Assign an account manager to each segment of leads to ensure you avoid duplication.

Gather Feedback from Your Team

While this event is top of mind, your team should make a point to meet and gather feedback on how the event went. This is a great time to take note of what you need to change moving forward at future events. This meeting can help shape how you follow up and ensure that you don’t miss any key information.

Make it personal!

Personalisation is so important! Also, a great reason to keep notes on conversations. You want to show your effort and make it personal to them and their needs. Multiple contacts at one company? Keep it to the one who showed the most interest so not everyone is getting the same message.

Start with LinkedIn

Linkedin is the BEST way to follow up! You can easily send them an invite, mentioning the event – hold off on the sales messages here. This is a soft introduction and an opportunity to connect and learn more about their business and how you can help them.

Tracking of interactions with visitors

This goes back to our first points on being organised. Once the first follow-up action has been done, don’t lose track of the data. Take note of all interactions moving forward with these attendees. Add leads that are interested in our appropriate email lists and keep them in the loop with your latest happenings.

Follow Up with Content

Don’t come to the follow-up conversation empty-handed. Have your most successful whitepaper, industry checklist or survey results prepared to send. Ensure that it’s something they would find valuable! Engage with your audience and assert your value. Show that you’re actively involved in the industry and putting energy into sharing knowledge.

Shout About it on Social Channels

Be proud to be part of the event! Social posting is indirectly reaching out, but still effective. Take photos of the event or screenshots of your virtual stand and links. Also, don’t forget to tag everyone – speakers, event organisers, and influencers to boost your engagement. Make it personal and unique to your business. Check out the hashtags. If you prepped a giveaway then you’ll want to be sure the details on your social media for example post on your own page and also ask the event organiser to share it, you can search the hashtag and comment on attendees posts.

If You Have Followed These Tips…

Once you have gone through all your new data and reached out to the warmer leads, give a nudge to everyone else – don’t forget about the other visitors! Send them something relative to that particular event you both attended. There is a big difference between offering value or being too salesy. Know the difference and approach the conversation genuinely.

We look forward to hearing about your success at future events! Do let us know in the comments what tips you used or what you would add to the mix. We are all adjusting to new events practices and processes, so have patience and do your prep work, you’ll be an expert in no time.