Brilliant Giveaways for Events

It’s important to show the same amount of energy and drive your company possess to every face-to-face event you can make this year after everything folks have gone through recently! Everything you enjoy about face-to-face events can be easily translated, and that can include anything you choose to give away as well.

You’ll want to put your best branding foot forward to encourage visitors. Think outside the box and how you can stand out, so don’t forget goodies and offers just like you would usually bring. We’re sharing some of our favourite creative ideas:

Pre-event Gifts

The absolute best-case scenario would be that you have a lot of time to plan for this event. We understand that this one would require a lot of effort and the only way to absolutely ensure success would be if there were a limited number of attendees. Try sending swag bags ahead of time that the attendees can enjoy while attending an event. Branded coffee mugs, sweets and stationery can easily be mailed to attendees!

The Voucher Goes a Long Way

If you are preparing a survey or quiz for visitors, as you would at an in-person event, be sure to get creative while considering circumstances. Vouchers for a delivery service is exciting and could offer a quick turnaround, “if you fill out this survey today, you can win a free dinner tonight” by giving away a voucher to Deliveroo or JustEat. Possibly an Amazon gift card to spruce up their work from home situation. There are endless ideas for vouchers that can still be used while in isolation.

Make an Impact

If you’re interested in doing a giveaway but want to step outside of the box, then considering giving to charity in the name of the winner. This is a great opportunity to give back and, in this case, everyone wins! Just like at face-to-face events, visitors could virtually or in person drop their business cards in a “bucket” and in a raffle, the winner can choose the charity, have the contribution made in their name.

Your Advice as a Prize

If you are interested in getting down to business, then consider offering a free consultation. Although, you’ll want to be sure that this is something you will have time for. You could also limit the number of consultations to encourage urgency. For example, “the first 10 visitors to our stand will receive a 15-minute consultation with the partnerships team.” This is a great way to ensure contact and know that this is a warm lead.

Free Upgrade!

If there are different levels to your business, then consider offering a temporary upgrade. This is a great way to register the visitor to your service and ensure they receive a return, in hopes they will remain loyal after the temporary period ends. For example, if you have a membership option, then allow all visitors with a specific code to take advantage of premium benefits for 90-days because they visited your stand. Remember to make the code unique so that you can keep track of where your new members were sourced.

Post-Event Goodies

There are a plethora of options to send to winners of competitions or games you host at your stand. Hampers, case of craft beer or wine and subscription services! These are fun light-hearted gifts you can give to show appreciation to participants as well as considerate of the circumstances we are all in right now. Giving a gift that they would have to wait for or can’t use until a retailer opens again might lose its attraction.

We wish you the best at your events and if you use one of the ideas please reach out and let us know how it went. We’d love to hear from you!