Hiring at Scale: How to Deliver a World-Class Recruitment Strategy

On Demand Virtual Event

In any recruitment drive, success is often down to effective processes, tech stacks, and team collaboration, but when these recruitment drives are at scale any broken processes or inefficient tools can cost a business quality talent, and considerable amounts of money as a result. So what are the best volume hiring teams doing that others aren’t? They research and target their ideal candidate, blending technology with a human approach to provide a speedy, positive experience from application to hire.

In this interactive virtual event we teamed case study presentations to hear how acting on some essential steps will help you to deliver a world-class recruitment strategy when hiring at scale.

Topics Discussed
  • Delivering volume applications vs quality candidates
  • Taking a marketing-led approach to your talent attraction
  • Understanding the latest vacancy trends, for any role, in any location
  • Making data-led talent decisions
  • Key pillars for consideration when leading volume campaigns
  • Using technology to drive performance
  • …and much more!
Who Spoke

Iain Wills

Head Of Sales

Eve Haworth

Senior Human Resources Consultant (Workforce)

Laura Tejada

Head of Talent
Event Partner

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