What Changes to The Workforce Can be Expected in a Post-Covid World?

We had the opportunity to interview Managing Director at Kelly Services, Richard Bradley and gained some valuable insights as to how the workforce will change in the near, and ever-so uncertain future.

The new ways of working imposed by lockdown have raised many questions as to what can be expected from the future of work. Will things go back to the way they were, or will this permanently change the workforce? Flexible working, technology and agility are not new concepts for the in-house recruitment community, in fact, they have been hot topics for some time. The rate at which they have become crucial to each organisation’s ability to cope with the current situation, however, could not have been predicted.

With many people now working from home, there has been a swift transition into relying more on technology, altering the way that we communicate with one another and adapting our overall approach to work. This leaves room for companies to innovate in the future, building on this sense of agility and the skills gained during this time – it is simply a question of what businesses will choose to take away from this situation in the post-covid world.

Listen to our recent podcast to hear the full interview!


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