Wellness – Going Beyond the Buzzword in a Time of Need

Implementing and innovating an Employer Branding strategy is essential in ensuring business success. The goal of our Employer Branding Conference was to teach you how to celebrate your company persona and showcase what makes it unique. Learn the tools and techniques needed to update and enhance your employer brand at this dynamic digital event.

At our Employer Branding virtual conference, Tom Pattison presented insightful information on wellness. For the past five years, Tom has been working with some of the world’s biggest brands to develop their employer brand and cultural strategies. Tom is now Checkout.com’s Employer Brand Specialist, supporting their mission to build the future of banking by helping attract, retain and empower the best talent for the business.

Topics Discussed
  • Details on the timely launch of Wellness @ Checkout.com, a global initiative to support the mental and physical health of our people
  • Lessons on how to promote wellness for team members that are situated across the globe
  • Learnings on how to harness user-generated content and encourage employee-led initiatives
  • The future of wellness at Checkout.com and the pledge to offer long-term support
Who Spoke


Employer Brand Specialist
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