Navigating Candidate Compliance with Efficient Background Screening

85% of Recruitment decision-makers admit their company has made a bad hire, and one of the biggest challenges your in-house recruitment team face is managing the balance between short onboarding timescales and ensuring the candidate is not a risk to an organisation. From February-April 2021 there were a total of 657,000 vacancies in the UK. That’s the highest since pre-pandemic, which indicates that many businesses are beginning their latest recruitment drive. It’s important to keep the candidate engaged and empowered during the process… whilst also ensuring they’re compliant with Right to Work and other vetting obligations.

In this webinar we heard how to keep up to date with the latest in background screening compliance across the UK.

Topics Discussed
  • The effects of reverting from digital Right to Work checks until 21st June and what this means to your business
  • Reducing time to hire & improving efficiencies in your business
  • Exploring the exact ways and methods our customers save over 50% on your employee screening time
  • Minimising manual labour and increased productivity for your recruitment team
  • Changes to healthcare industry compliance requirements, including mandatory MRZ checks
  • The importance of re-checking and key industry insights from financial and legal perspectives
  • …and much more!
Who Spoke

James Waby

Pre Employment Screening Advisor
Event Partner

Screening candidates allows employers to verify employee information, conduct the relevant background checks and ensure their right to work. Having the right screening technology in place can save your HR team time and effort.

With Access Screening you can:

  • Improve your time to hire
  • Reduce manual admin
  • Enhance the candidate experience
  • Protect your business reputation
  • Ensure you’re always compliant
  • Easily provide a fully audited trail
  • Benefit from our Right to Work mobile app

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