Webinar Replay: Inclusive Recruitment in a Post-Pandemic World

The global pandemic has shifted the way businesses attract, assess and onboard talent. To succeed, organisations have had to quickly move to virtual hiring processes, implement new technologies and adapt current processes and tools.

At our “Inclusive Recruitment in a Post-Pandemic World” webinar, we heard from industry experts Sonia Pawson from Cabinet Office, Philip Wilson from Civil Service Fast Stream, Gordon Lee from Capita Group plc and Sharon Loivette from Capita Resourcing, who discussed how today’s remote working landscape offers positives in potentially breaking down some barriers for some disadvantaged groups, and the shift in how we hire creates an unprecedented opportunity to evolve company systems and processes to be more innovative, productive, inclusive, and equitable.

Topics discussed
  • How they adapted their approach to recruitment during the pandemic
  • How can technology help drive best practice inclusive recruitment processes?
  • What they learned along the way
  • Their priorities going forward, in a post-pandemic world
  • …and much more!
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Who Spoke?

Sonia Pawson

Deputy Director, Head of Fast Stream, Early Talent and Occupational Psychology Services Head of Occupational Psychology Profession

Philip Wilson

Chief Psychologist and Chief Assessor

Sharon Loivette

Assessment Diversity and Inclusion Lead

Gordon Lee

Strategy and Development Director, Army Recruiting Group
Webinar Partner

Capita simplify the connections between businesses and customers, governments and citizens by delivering innovative consulting, digital and software solutions which allow their clients to focus on what they do best to achieve better outcomes.


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