How Digital RTW Checks Can Improve Your Time To Hire And Secure Top Talent

Long interview processes, combined with the tightening of the candidate market as a consequence of the pandemic, Brexit and regulatory change, means workers are likely to receive multiple offers through multiple channels.

Consequently, only a swift, efficient and professional screening process will secure a candidate who may be being screened for several positions simultaneously with a view to taking the one that completes the quickest.

In this webinar, we discovered how Digital Right to Work Checks secure top talent by tracking key metrics.

Topics Discussed
  • Tracking key metrics including time to hire
  • Understanding your key barriers to slowing down the process
  • Bringing best practice into your recruitment
  • How to use automation to adapt to change and improve time to hire
  • Shifting to permanent Digital Right to Work Checks
  • …and much more!

For further reading, please follow the link to access the guide on “The Evolving World of Candidate Screening and Compliance”

Who Spoke

Suzy Parker

Pre-Employment Screening Specialist
Event Partner

Screening candidates allows employers to verify employee information, conduct the relevant background checks and ensure their right to work. Having the right screening technology in place can save your HR team time and effort.

With Access Screening you can:

  • Improve your time to hire
  • Reduce manual admin
  • Enhance the candidate experience
  • Protect your business reputation
  • Ensure you’re always compliant
  • Easily provide a fully audited trail
  • Benefit from our Right to Work mobile app

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