Webinar Replay: Planning your Hiring and Assessment Processes for a Virtual Future

When the global pandemic hit, businesses had days to move to a fully virtual model. Six months on and businesses are reflecting on what they’ve learnt from the transition and how they apply this learning as they plan for the next phase.

At our “Planning your Hiring and Assessment Processes for a Virtual Future” webinar, we heard from Nicky Garcea from Cappfinity, James Gordanifar from EY, Lucy Hegarty from GSK, and Bob Athwal from Skyscanner who explored how global businesses are innovating and re-engineering hiring processes to deliver a better digital experience for candidates.

Topics discussed
  • Innovative changes global businesses have made during the pandemic
  • The key learnings from the transition to digital hiring
  • How the switch to virtual can support inclusivity and help to level the playing field for diverse candidates
  • What next for graduate hiring in 2021?
  • Practical takeaways to ensure candidates are ‘career ready’ for remote recruitment and a virtual working world
  • … and much more!
Who Spoke?

Nicky Garcea


James Gordanifar

Head of Student Recruitment

Lucy Hegarty

Regional Early Talent Recruitment Lead

Bob Athwal

Senior Talent Manager
Webinar Partner

Cappfinity are the world leaders in strengths-based assessment, providing award-winning recruitment and development solutions for organisations across the globe. Founded in 2005, our unique strengths methodology sits at the heart of our solutions. We bring together strengths expertise, data, innovation and human experience to assess and develop capability, fit and potential.


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