Webinar Replay: High Volume Recruiting in the ‘New Norm’

The advancements in recruiting & hiring technology in recent years has allowed talent acquisition teams to dramatically improve their processes and efficiencies. However, the majority of these developments served corporate recruiting, even though volume hires make up a much larger percentage of the workforce. The systems used for recruiting salaried workers shouldn’t be the same ones used for the high-volume, hourly workforce, because they weren’t built to.

At our “High Volume Recruiting in the ‘New Norm’” webinar, we heard from experts in their field, Xi Weng, Fountain and Sophia Fellowes, Deliveroo who shared their valuable insight.

Topics discussed
  • How to process the design elements to make volume hiring effortless
  • Managing volume recruitment under high business pressure
  • Quality v Quantity and maintaining a high standard of candidates
  • Promoting and protecting the employer brand through the volume recruitment process
  • Understanding the tech stack needed for managing volume hires
  • Key challenges and mistakes made thus far and what we’ve learned from those
  • …and much more!
Who Spoke?

Sophia Fellowes

Global Operations Excellence Manager

Xi Weng

EMEA Market Lead
Webinar Partner

Fountain is the leading recruiting platform for gig and hourly workers, designed to solve challenges around high volume, high velocity, and high turnover recruiting within the food & beverage industry. Fountain helps enterprise companies hire and onboard more than one million applicants per month.

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