What Does the Future of Healthcare Recruitment Look Like?

No other industry has had to change its approach to hiring quicker than healthcare over the past 18 months, with a pandemic, lockdowns and greater demands on hiring teams. This could not have been done without some incredibly flexible and resilient HR, recruitment and talent teams being able to adapt to changing situations.

But what will hiring and recruitment look like in the future for healthcare? Will it continue to be 100% remote, or will a hybrid model be a better option? And what impact will this have on DEI in recruitment and within companies in 2021 and beyond?

In this webinar we discussed the state of healthcare hiring in 2021, key hiring trends and the technology aiming to improve DEI.

Topics Discussed
  • Innovations in healthcare hiring from an internal perspective
  • Post pandemic hiring trends in candidate attraction
  • A RCSI Hospital case study in fair hiring, selection, and assessment using tech
  • The DEI and automation tech landscape in healthcare recruiting
  • …and much more!
Who Spoke

Michael Blakley


Paul Foran

HR Business Partner

Rebecca Bridger

Interim Head of Organisation Development at NHS trusts

Cathal Doorley

Event Partner

Equitas provides software that helps companies make better, fairer hiring decisions for in-person or remote, live interviews. They help companies be representative of the communities they serve using Equitas best-practice interview methods, voice-led interviews and the capture of vital interview data. Some of the biggest healthcare providers in the world are using Equitas to help them hire more efficiently, fairer and 100% remote throughout lockdown.


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