Webinar Replay: Creating a Frictionless Screening Process and Improving Stakeholder Relationships

One of the biggest onboarding challenges for new employees and the business is inconsistency. And in this newly formed virtual world that we work and live,  consistency is paramount in ensuring success as it will take into account application and manager accountability.

At our “Creating a Frictionless Screening Process and Improving Stakeholder Relationships” webinar, we heard from industry experts Helen Worwood from British Council, Andy Smith on behalf of Equinix and Adam Rudd from First Advantage, who helped us to better understand how to set up a consistent, data-led application and screening process, covered key considerations when defining your Background Screening Policy, and shared lessons learnt from finding the balance between asking too much and not enough.

Topics discussed
  • Why it’s important to verify and not just trust what your candidates tell you
  • How to embed your Screening Policy into your onboarding process
  • Understanding and feeding data for HM transparency
  • Reducing time to hire and improving the candidate journey
  • Gathering feedback from all stakeholders
  • Using technology and insights to maximise efficiency
  • …and much more!
Who Spoke?

Adam Rudd

Sales Director, EMEA

Helen Worwood

Project Manager

Andy Smith

Account Manager
Webinar Partner

First Advantage provides easy-to-understand background reports so you can confidently make talent decisions. We provide employment screening including criminal history, education, employment, and professional license verifications, global sanctions and credit checks. Our searches cover 200+countries and territories. We are your First Advantage.


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