Webinar Replay: Using Data to Develop an Effective Talent Strategy

Talent teams are increasingly being asked to do more with less and it’s unlikely to change. Something that Talent teams have at their fingertips, in abundance, is data. The question is how do teams use this data, and is it effective?

At our “Using Data to Develop an Effective Talent Strategy” webinar, we heard from industry experts Luke Tooze from Admiral and Maike Basnett-Sandiford from Horsefly, who helped us to identify how using data provides an element of science and how these tangible facts can be used both internally and externally to ensure that the decisions you make regarding your strategy for attraction, selection, retention and everything in between are more informed, and most importantly, effective.

Topics discussed
  • How data can drive cost savings with actionable takeaways
  • Looking at the data to understand the market
  • Ways to adapt through times of change
  • Identifying a future-proof, data-driven strategy
  • …and much more!
Who Spoke?

Mike Basnett-Sandiford

Head of Partnerships

Luke Tooze

Talent Programme Manager (IT)
Webinar Partner

Horsefly provides accurate talent market data to drive your competitive advantage on time/cost to hire, workforce planning & strategic business decisions.

With accurate supply, demand and salary data, including gender and competitor analysis, be better informed to make the first approach to the market count and avoid rework. Unite around those insights for effective forward-thinking planning and work towards evidence-based decisions. Become the employer of choice, attracting more culturally aligned people to your company, brand and values, helping drive better engagement and retention.


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