On the 14th April 2016, the hugely successful ‘Conversation’ In-house Recruitment Conference took place in London. In the ultimate learning & development day for In-house Recruiters, London based Recruiters witnessed completely unique case-study presentations from world-class speakers, as well as benefiting from intimate, educational roundtable discussions with industry peers.

Odette Beattie, gave a fantastic presentation on video interviewing where she discussed why video interviewing was a game changer for Coca-Cola Enterprises, the benefits you can expect for your business and recruitment team, how and why candidates really benefit from video interviewing, the 3 golden rules that will make your video interviewing strategy succeed and how to get business buy in to start your video interviewing journey with immediate effect. Check out the video of her presentation, and the presentation itself in more detail below:


Odette Beattie


video interviewing




Key observations

How can video interviewing be integrated with your recruitment function?

  • High volume recruitment
  • Graduates
  • On demand screening
  • Global recruiting
  • A better insight for candidates
  • Good but whenever wherever doesn’t always make for productive time (children in the room etc)
  • Good if repeating recruitment for same role – can make sure questions are relevant and consistent
  • Experienced hiring, manager feedback has been positive
  • Live interview for experienced hires
  • On demand/one way for volume screening
  • Better insight into the job role from a candidate perspective
  • Better insight for managers into candidates







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