Webinar Replay: How to use Tech to Deliver an Inclusive Workplace

Technology and diversity are undeniably two of the most crucial points of focus for in-house recruitment teams. Both are fundamental for growth across a multitude of areas and in this webinar, we discussed how to intertwine the two and drive results.

Using tech to deliver inclusivity in the workplace means reducing unconscious bias. As much as we would all like to believe it’s not there, it is. Using technology is a prime way of working around this as well as driving efficiency.  Our speakers discussed the benefits of having a diverse workforce as well as practical examples of how they have overcome challenges within their own companies. One of the first steps is knowing which technology to use and with such a vast number of options out there, this can be extremely challenging and overwhelming.

Check out the video to understand more about using tech to deliver an inclusive workplace and which tools might be best at helping you.

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