A Unique Approach to Using Niche Job Boards

CareersinAudit.com and the CareersinAudit Group have been pioneers within the niche job board industry for over fourteen years and have arguably strode ahead of competitors in the process.

Over these fourteen years, the CareersinAudit Group has expanded beyond audit to operate five interconnected job boards covering audit, risk, compliance, analytics and cyber security. These five boards have a global reach with roles in ninety-nine percent of countries worldwide for professionals from graduates to director level. With a combined loyal subscriber base of over 230,000 active professionals, the CareersinAudit Group has seen their unique engagement strategy attracting and retaining professionals in a way unobtainable by those jack-of-all-trade sites.

Whilst the job board extinction may be anticipated by doom-sayers, the CareersinAudit Group know that with investment and constant evolution, niche job boards will not only survive in the digital age but thrive.


Bespoke Service

Offering a bespoke service has enabled the continued growth of the CareersinAudit Group job boards. With an appreciation of every company’s unique needs, our experienced team of sales and marketing experts approach every campaign differently and work directly with clients to nail a tailored and effective recruitment strategy every time. Whilst our global CV database may be the perfect approach for one employer, our team of experts look to a host of considerations when suggesting the best campaign, along with the background and skills of the candidates required.

Content campaigns are the latest offering, providing employers with the chance to shout about the benefits of working for them whilst introducing job opportunities. It’s a more subtle sell but once the candidates have bought into the company and its culture, they will be more open to applying for jobs.

Whether video campaigns are best for your company or the use of advertorials, the CareersinAudit Group has seen first-hand the benefits of the storytelling approach through various high return campaigns. Shifting employment climates has left compelling content and visual mediums best to attracting top talent and these campaigns are live for a full 12 months to ensure the employers receive a constant flow of passive and active jobseekers clicking through to their own career pages.


Unique Approach

Approaching recruitment from a unique perspective, each of our tailored job boards have avoided becoming just another aggregator site or online job pin-board, through investment in key content. From the latest interview trends in external audit to questioning gender equality in the cyber security world, each site covers content from practical to topical and is a knowledge hub, curated with the candidate as the main focus. Now with over 500 unique articles and another 10 added each week, our innovative engagement strategy has meant the job boards are the first place specialist candidates look for the latest, most topical information about the industry, careers, companies to work for and job opportunities.

Beyond this content the sites have a far-reaching social following of over 42,000 and the largest audit-only candidate database of any specialist online recruitment site. Over the past 14 years, the CareersinAudit Group has established an expansive following that remains niche, highly qualified, active and above all, loyal.


If you are looking to hire specialists within Audit, Risk, Compliance, Cyber Security or Analytics, please get in touch today and we will provide you with the right people from our registered candidate base of over 230,000 professionals from the industry’s most decorated job board group.


Please contact us on info@careersinaudit.com or or call the team on +44(0)20 7553 6350 with any questions.





CareersinAudit.com is the world’s leading job board and career resource for Audit, Risk, Compliance, Cyber Security and Analytics professionals and was the world’s first specialist site for the global Audit, Risk, Compliance, GRC, Cyber Security and Analytics communities.


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