Top Tips for HR Leaders in 2021

Organisations need to stay ahead of the changes impacting their workforce and in order to remain competitive, they need to consider a variety of factors. Silkroad Technology, who specialise in the talent journey, recently interviewed Fosway’s leading analyst to highlight current and future trends in the HCM landscape.

In a series of weekly discussions, the content focuses on key strategies needed for 2021, from recruitment to talent mobility and retention, highlighting the different areas that are paramount to business challenges.

  • What are the key priorities for HR in 2021?
  • How can the C-suite collaborate successfully to support an increasingly remote workforce?
  • How can HR respond to the digitisation of ‘traditional’ job roles?
  • What are the challenges that organisations face in upskilling and reskilling staff?
  • How can leaders adjust their operating models effectively?
  • …and much more!

SilkRoad Technology’s software and services platform helps clients attract, retain and align people to their business. Their solutions start with Global Client Services to provide strategic HR and business expertise. SilkRoad Technology then designs secure solutions tailored to business requirements at scale for global companies. They deliver personalized experiences for employees to drive engagement across the employment lifecycle and enable measurable and better business outcomes.

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