Your Guide to Busting Recruitment Myths with Real Science

Hiring mistakes cost UK businesses billions each year. The cost of a bad hire can be more than 30% of the position’s annual salary. When it comes to recruitment it’s important to make sure you get to the heart of people’s skills, motivations and behaviour, so you can unlock their true potential.

In this guide, you will have access to some of the best industry stats to make sure you aren’t relying on guesswork, giving into biases or just going-with-the-crowd-just-because. You’ll gain a unique insight into common industry challenges, but also see how you can avoid them.

This manifesto looks at:

  • Building a Strong Employer Reputation
  • Looking Beyond the CV
  • Making the Right Recruitment Choices
  • Providing a Positive Candidate Experience
  • Beating Bias in Recruitment
  • Hiring for Diversity & Inclusion
  • Understanding How Data Can Help – and Hinder
  • and much more!
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Since 1981, Thomas International has combined technology, psychology & data to translate people’s diverse characteristics into intuitive, easy to action solutions for recruitment, retention & development. Thomas helps over 11K companies around the world unleash the power of their people.

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