The Talent Acquisition Skills Conversation

We’ve all known the talent acquisitions challenges we faced in 2020, so there’s no need to dwell on the past, instead, it’s time to look forward, and make plans that continue to put recruiters at the heart of your organisation.

The recent pandemic has forced new ways of thinking and accelerated a new way of recruiting. Whilst the pandemic has exposed weaknesses, it has also given us the opportunity to recognise unpreparedness and fix the issues before they become an even bigger problem further down the line. Let’s move forward and be released from the constraints of traditional thinking and embracing each and every change that comes our way.

In this interactive virtual event we explored how to build resiliency into your recruitment mindset, as well as the core pillars needed to succeed enabling you to deliver a consistent, high-quality candidate experience.

Topics Discussed
  • How to create and build resilience into mindsets
  • What are the core pillars needed to succeed
  • Enabling agility and flexibility for a changing environment
  • Ensuring your brand is authentic and true to its values
  • Delivering a consistent, high-quality candidate experience
  • The importance of learning, development and upskilling
  • … and much more!
Who Spoke

Peter Gold

Manager Recruiting Solutions EMEA
Event Partner

Cornerstone connects the best people with great companies with our frictionless recruiting software helping to effectively discover, hire and onboard amazing talent.
Quickly find, match and onboard the right people to their perfect role using social recruitment tools, applicant tracking and simple to configure career sites.
Cornerstone has been helping organisations of all sizes and sectors engage their workforce and empower their people for over 20 years with our software that impacts every aspect of the employee experience, which ultimately translates into greater business results.

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